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Sunday, 5 May 2013

My Hair routine

Lets jump right in
My Favourite shampoo right now is the Aussie Miracle moist shampoo and conditioner. I love this so much it has done wonders to my awful hair, before I used this my hair was like straw due to my dip dye and lazy hair care routine. If you have dry hair go get it. Its amazing.

Weekly I use the 3 Minute Miracle moist *disclaimer: yes this is the same photo I used in my empties photo but I have repurchased it, I didn't think I would need a new photo for the same product*
I use it once a week as I feel like thats the most effective method. My hair is ridiculously thirsty so I leave it in for 5 minutes in the bottom 3/4's of my hair. This product is the reason I didn't repurchase my Phillip Kingsley Elasticizer. Which for the 100ml less you pay £25 and the actual process you leave the conditioner in for 10-20 minutes. The aussie you pay £5 for 250ml and it only takes 3 minutes to work :D.

This John Freida serum is lasting me forever, and to be honest I know I'm not going to repurchase it, its quite thick and feels to heavy. My favourite serum in the drugstore is the tresemme split remedy serum so I know that is definitely being bought as soon as I get through this. I'm not even half way through now even though I've had it for about two months. Its frizz-ease and thermal protection I have been through a mini of the original frizz-ease which I prefer to this one but you know you have to experiment in products but this wont be a repurchase.

John Frieda Frizz-ease heat defeat.
Its heat defendant what more can I say. I think what I like about this is the spray. So many heat defendants have really strong sprays, the best srapys are from tresemme if you ask me but I love the way this bottle is. The spray is really fine and its so easy to spray on (do you know what i mean?) sometimes I cant handle a stiff standard cap when I'm trying to hold this hair here and this hair here and I need some styling spray etc.. 

Just want to say I don't wash and blow dry my hair everyday on days when its not freezing cold I try to let it dry naturally. So the heat protectors/styling products are what I use when I blow dry or style my hair.

This product I use if I want a bit of volume so If I'm going out, not for everyday use.

This is the John Frieda Luxurious Volume thickening blow dry lotion. This I spray at the very roots and on the very top layer of my hair. If you put this all through your hair it will make it crunchy and not very nice. This I feel is a nice alternative method of getting volume other than spraying hairspray under the roots of my hair.

Whilst I'm at it I though I'd put a few pictures of my two favourite styling tools. First my Ghd Pink Cherry Blossom. The packaging for these that they came in was so beautiful I didn't want to open it. I have been waiting for a pink ghd to come out. Or something that had hints of pink so It would match my hairdryer and my room. Because I'm weird like that. These I bought off amazon and I love they are the classic gold styler but instead of gold plates it had hot pink plates and it has pink detailing. You can still get them on amazon here

This is my favourtie curling Iron. Creates the best natural curls that aren't to tight and fake they are nice big waves. Its a 38mm barrel and has 4 temperature settings. Its sold on amazon: click here: and its affordable right now on amazon its £15 but the price ranges up to £25 depending on where you buy it.

MissTeeHee xx

Thanks for reading

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