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Thursday, 9 May 2013

My Skin care routine (about 90% drugstore)

Firstly I remove all makeup with these simple cleansing wipes. I haven't found anyones better that I can also use to take off my eye makeup. They are £3.25 per pack but usually they have offers such as 3 for 2.

Then I use the deep cleansing lotion from clean and clear. Yes this was in my last empties video- I repurchased it. It really helps tone pores and really feels like it cleans my skin.

Next I use the blackhead clearing cleanser because as I love the deep cleansing lotion so much I though this would really work for my blackheads. I don't feel that it has made progress of clearing them but they are definitely less noticeable. Wont be repurchasing this though as I feel its a watered down version of the deep cleansing lotion.

This was also featured in my last empties video but I repurchased it! I really love this every morning in my shower but if I'm up for it I will do it in the evening as well. I love the way it has a pump also.

If I am having a bath I will use this Blue Lagoon silica mud mask. This I picked up on a school trip to iceland so I'm pretty sure its not available over here and its ridiculously expensive. You can get it online  but I've never tried it myself so not sure on shipping availability or costs. I got this at duty free so it was £40 compared to £50 (This is the non-drustore product)

Neutrogena visibly clear blackhead eliminating daily scrub. This scrub may be the reason my black head have reduced in size but I still believe its the clean and clear lotion. This scrub is boring me to death but I have been using it for ages and it still looks full! I'm trying to use it up as my friend swears by it but says it takes a while to kick in. Hopefully it will be featured in my next empties post where I will tell you if it ever finally kicked in.

So right now I am actually all out of moisturizer because I used all my old ones up before going out to purchase a new one which was this one. This has actually all gone now and I'm going to repurchase it on saturday. This will be back into my daily routine post saturdays shopping trip to boots.

Last but not least is the freederm gel. This I put on spots over night and I feel it really helps, although it doesnt completely clear them. Good for cheap though.

MissTeeHee xx

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