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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

May Favourites 2013


1. Sleek Face Form Palette £10 superdrug: click here

It comes with the much loved contour kit, and the much loved rose gold blush all coming to £10, if bought separately the blush (same size) would be £4.50 and the contour kit (bigger bronzer but same sized highlighter) would be £6.50, meaning it would come to £11

I prefer the face form kit as it is more compact and has everything you need in a set!

Left-right: Bronzer, highlighter, blush.

Sorry the bronzer has come out much more orange on camera than in person.
I think the blush is really similar to benefits CORALista, but many people think its similar to Nars Orgasm

 Swatches blended out a little.

2. Mua Undress me too eyeshadow palette £4 superdrug click here

I really loved the undressed palette but I dropped it on my tiled bathroom floor and the two darkest colours broke, the rest stayed in tact but each are lightly dusted with a bit of black cracked eyeshadow, so I went to buy a replacement but there wasn't one at my superdrug so I decided to pick up the undress me too palette which is basically the naked 2 palette dupe. And I'm in love! The naked 2 palette consists of cooler tones for darker eyes, thats me. Honestly I still prefer the undressed palette but I still love it!! Great bargain!

3. Revlon Colorstay Ultimate suede lipstick £9 super drug: click here
or right now £2 off at boots, £7: click here

I am in love!! New favourite drugstore lip product. Really moisturising and silky, the colour I have is no. 20 Front Row but I also quite like is called socialite.

The colour really did stay on my lips for ages! Through drinking and eating.

4. Burt's bees Lip balm with Pomegranate £3.70 at boots: click here

I've also been loving this for a more natural look.

5. Benefit creaseless cream shadow in Samba-dy loves me.

This was a limited edition colour but I love these all round, I also really like birthday suit which is really natural.  This is a really good base for the MUA palette as they need a good base.

Super creamy, super pretty and soooo effortless!

6. Real techniques blusher brush Superdrug £10: click here
boots £10: click here

I use this for powder, bronzer and blush.

(I know sounds weird to use it with bronzer, but it gives a really gentle, natural finish)

I love these brushes they are amazingly soft and this one is so fluffy!
Really recommend these brushes over any other brushes.

7. Essie Meet me at Sunset £8 boots: click here

Love this colour its a bright red that sometimes looks orange. Really fun but not to bright summer colour.

8. Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Enchanted Perfume £30 at boots: click here

For my review click here


1: Favourite Movie:

I watch The Impossible for the first time, its amazing I was properly crying, not a gentle tear rolling down my cheek, no a proper full on sobbing breaking down sort of crying. Its really amazing.
2. Favourite Tv show:

Can we all agree how amazing the vampire diaries end to the season was! The season finale was especially amazing!! 

Also really been enjoying Breaking Amish and Cake Boss on the new channel TLC (125 on sky)

3. Favourite song:

Radioactive- Imagine Dragons:

i've actually been loving Imagine Dragons all round but this is probably my favourite out of there songs, I also like on top of the world.

4.  Youtube video:

Mashup of Locked of out heaven:

5. Favourite Drink

Vanilla milk tea Bubbleology with strawberry popping boba.


6. Favourite Instagrammer:

Colour me Creative

BTW add me on instagram: lilyeggles

7. Favourite food:

Oreo Cadbury's chocolate

Milky Bar Ice cream (tastes like a white chocolate magnun but better)

8. Favourite Book:

Looking for Alaska by John green

Great book, not going to say anymore because I don't want to give it away!

MissTeeHee xx

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Posts to come:
  • My top 6 Barry M nail polishes
  • My lip product collection
  • Instagram Photo post

Instagram: lilyeggles

Photos that aren't mine: Milky Bar Ice creams, Impossible dvd photo.

Rest of the photos are mine taken with Canon 550d
Apart from chocolate oreo, taken with Iphone on Instagram.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Recent Baking xx

Current favourite Cooking books:

Get the original cook book here

And the "home sweet home" book here

MissTeeHee xx

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Posts to come:
  • My top 6 Barry M nail polishes
  • My lip product collection
  • May Favourites (random and makeup)
  • Instagram Photo post

Instagram: lilyeggles

Monday, 20 May 2013

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Enchanted pictures & review.

I bought the Taylor Swift Wonderstuck Enchanted perfume as I felt my perfume collection was looking a little run down due to three perfumes running out on me in the last couple of months.

I haven't tried this perfume nor the original T-swift one before so I was excited to give them a sniff, when I did I thought they smelt very similar, but the Enchanted has sweet raspberry/sherbet top note that the other one didn't have. Its a more evening scent than an everyday scent (like the original one is) but I honestly bought this one because it had a prettier bottle....
The original has weaker top notes, that are less sugary and I thought it had tones of vanilla, but sweet vanilla that to me smelt a little too sweet, although that sounds a bit stupid as I did go for the sweeter perfume, I just prefered the enchanted's sweet scents to the originals sweet scents.

The smell is quite similar to my Pink (victoria's secret) [pictures right] Warm and Cozy, which is Peony and Vanilla
I like the base notes of musky vanilla, I also think its a quite woody smell. They contrast smoothly with the sugary berry scents.

I really recommend it, also as its not too expensive.

MissTeeHee xx

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Posts to come:
  • My top 6 Barry M nail polishes
  • My lip product collection

Photos all mine except one of original perfume, taken with canon 550d.

Essie Eternal Optimist photos

Essie Eternal Optimist

warm dusty oatmeal rose colour

I lurrvee it
MissTeeHee xx

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Posts to come:
  • Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Enchanted pictures
  • My top 6 Barry M nail polishes
  • My lip product collection

Photos all mine taken with iPhone

Sunday, 19 May 2013

10 products I would repurchase tag! DRUGSTORE VERSION.

1. Bourjois Healthy mix foundation (my shade is 51) click here
2. Rimmel stay matt powder- shade 02 pink blossom click here
3. Maybelline Fit me concealer- 15 fair click here 
4. Maybelline dream touch blush- 02 peach click here
5. Mua Undress Your Skin highlighter click here
6. Maybelline the Rocket volum' express click here

7. Rimmel waterproof gel eyeliner - 001 black click here
8. Mua Undressed palette click here
9. Revlon colorburst lip butter- 025 Peach Parfait click here
10. Real techniques Core collection brushes click here

MissTeeHee xx

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Posts to come:
  • Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Enchanted pictures
  • Essie Eternal Optimist Pictures
  • My top 6 Barry M nail polishes
  • My lip product collection
  • Mua Nail Varnish review

Photos all mine taken with iPhone