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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Empties April 2013


I've split them into two sections bathroom/toiletries empties and makeup empties- although makeup only includes one product :(

Toiletries empties
1. Philip Kinglsey Elasticizer- sadly no repurchase.

I love this hair product but its soooo expensive. The only reason I got this one was due to my hair dresser selling it to me half price. I was told this would last me 2 or 3 washes but it actually lasted me 8- yes I counted. Although I do have short thin hair- sadly.
This product is hair mask, you apply it from your ears downwards on wet hair and leave it in for half an hour.
Afterwards my hair felt really soft and clean and lovely- but its too expensive just for "yay my hair feels nice and healthy" although I would love that.

2. Clearasil Daily Clear Skin Perfecting Wash.- likely repurchase

This wash isn't the most effective that I've found but its not far especially as its cheap. I used this everday in the shower it has a "moisturiser complex" which I love! The product is like a cream but with small exfoliating beads. I loved using this in the shower as it was really refreshing and made me feel so cream although it didn't clear my skin of spots completely but I felt like it really helped moisturise, it made my skin feel amazing. It also helped the way my make up sit.

3. Original Source Vanilla Milk and Raspberry shower gel.- DEFINATE repurchase.

All time favourite shower gel, I get through it fast its just sooooo yummy. All I have to say :)

4. Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo and Conditioner.- Already Repurchased.

I love these shampoos and I have already bought them and they are ready to be used- although of course I am currently on "my swap" where I swap shampoos so that my hair doesn't get to "used" to them.

5. Aussie 3 minute miracle- Already Repurchased

This is amazing. Nuff said.

6 & 7. Clean and Clear: dual action moisturiser. Clean and Clear: deep cleansing lotion.

Moisturiser: Repurchase. Works amazingly- and its drugstore. Not to thick not to thin. It absorbs really quickly. All dry skin on my face has suddenly gone. It helps sports as well (hence the dual action). Lovee.

Cleansing lotion: Definite Repurchase: This is probably my favourite skin care product of all time! You apply using a cotton pad and besides it being for sensitive skin it does tingle/sting a little but nothing unbearable. It tightens your pores and leaves your skin feeling polished and smooth.

8. Sure deodorant in clear aqua crystal- sort of repurchase

I just like the smell. And its works. Everyone needs deodorant :) But as I'm all spontaneous I always like to try out the different smells, although this is on that I always come back to. 

9. Clearasil Deep Cleansing Pads- unlikely repurchase.

I like them I just feel they don't do as good a job as the Clean and Clear Cleansing lotion. The reason I bought these was that they are nice and compact for travelling- they aren't going to leak and you don't need cotton pads to use it. There are very exfoliating and have a similar affect to the clean and clear. May repurchase for my next holiday. Also I may repurchase as I know I'm going to repurchase the daily scrub (empty number 2) from the same line and I like to keep my skin products from the same line than mixing and matching, because when I do mix and match my skin can't cope (being the extremely sensitive skin that I have)

10. Batiste dry shampoo tropical- definate repurchase. 

Yes I have liked everything that I've used up- hence why I have used it all up.
Who doesnt ever need a bit of dry shampoo! I don't only use this on 2nd day hair, I use it when my hair needs a bit of volume. Its also good to use when you have clean hair but you want to curl it, it curls better with a bit of texture- which this dry shampoo gives it.
I have tried every scent and I don't really like any of the scents but this one I feel absorbs into my hair the best and doesn't leave white powder in my hair. Even though I don't like the scent I do get compliments that my hair smells good when I have used this. Plus it's cheap and easy to get in chain supermarkets/ super drug/boots etc....

Toiletries empties done.

Make up empties

There is only one...

1. MAC Pro-longwear concealer. - unlikely repurchase

NOOOOOOO its all gone :( this has been my favourite makeup item for the past.. I dunno since I got it but no more will pump out! I remember the day when the pumps were so big I used to use extra as foundation. I love this concealer. but its just too expensive, although if I pop into the mac store soon enough I may just give it a repurchase but its unlikely as I really want to try erase paste and also the Laura Mercier concealer duo palette thingy. Sorry mac :(.

That was my empties, these empties posts will be comming regularly but not too often (maximum every month). Thanks for reading.
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All photos my own- taken with Canon 550d

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