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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Bourjois Healthy mix DRUGSTORE foundation review

Hi xx

I am so happy I have found my perfect foundation match!

Being pale I have trouble finding the perfect shade.
Being fussy I HATE matte finishes.

Previously I have been living off maybelline dream matte mouse which i now hate, why did i ever try it! But if your one for cakey matte foundations- go for it, it is the uk's number one.

I tried the rimmel wake me up but i felt the shimmer didnt help conceal my spots, sort of illuminated them.

I also tried revlon colorstay due to the massive hype it had. I was in the the colour 150 buff. Again it was a matte foundation, which I dont like. Having gotten 3/5's of the way through my 2nd Revlon Colorstay I decided there must be something better! So in my local boots i did a massive swatch test looking for illuminating foundations, including rimmels match perfection, l'oreals lumi magique, maybellines fit me, and bourjois healthy mix. I swatched them all on to my hands and then half an hour later after doing my other shopping I came back to see which one looked best

Rimmels Match perfection- great colour match but sadly the last bottle in my colour had broken :( and the pump had snapped off.
L'oreals lumi magique- the lightest colour in my boots was good at first but then oxidized to be too dark.
Maybellines fit me- Colour range in this boots was poor only had three colours all too dark- althoguh there is an amazing range on line. But I have a strict rule of not ordering foundations online unless I know my perfect colour.
Bourjois healthy mix- Jackpot, the lightest colour did me well maybe even slightly too light but I do wear bronzer so works out perfect. Really natural glow more on that after pictures.

 Sorry about the french.. its english on the other side...

 blended in
 I apply with the real techniques buffing brush

 better shot
close up

This is sold for £10 in boots and superdrug.

It smells amazing- which at first I wasn't so keen on the fact my foundation smells but it makes me feel really fresh and awake.

It applies really smoothly and I like to use the real techniques buffing brush that comes from the core collection (which I may do a separate review on?) ignoring the fact that this really should be used with loose and powder foundations.

It gives a really neutral glow without highlighting my acne. It looks natural and since I have worn it (twice?) people have complimented me on my skin, and one of my friends: "glowy and fresh".I recommended it to my friend having the same problems with drugstore foundations as me and she bought it yesterday and tells me she loves it! I where the shade 51. (FYI my hand is darker and more pink toned than my face)

I have a tricky situation where I have freckles and spots, I want a foundation that covers my spots but doesn't mask all my freckles. The reason being is everybody knows I have freckles so when they are covered it instantly looks as if I'm caked in makeup. This foundation actually seems to do quite well at this- I'm not sure how but I love it.

I love the packaging- glass bottle so feels fancy, but has a pump!! Which feels like such a luxury after being through 2 Revlon Colorstays.

Highly recommend this, I think this is my first bottle of many to come of this foundation.


All Photos my own- taken with Canon 550d

nail colour: Mua Pistachio Ice cream (dupe for essie mint candy apple?- you decide) only £1 tho!

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  1. we've heard so much about bourjois but its more expensive here in australia. but this foundation sounds great. We also want to get our hands on those real technique brushes! they feel so nice