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Monday, 29 April 2013

My Favourite Perfumes

Hello again, as promised here is My Favourite Perfumes
As you can see there are 6 perfumes here and I will tell you why I like them and who my overall favourite is.

I love this perfume. Every time I wear it I feel fresh and girly. I receive loads of compliments and the staying power is actually really good. I've always loved juicy perfumes but have never loved them enough to blow £60 for them. This one I managed to pick up a set in Debenhams for £22.50 in the sale which included a 40ml perfume and a 20ml roller ball- 10ml of La Fleur and 10ml of Viva La Juicy original.

I think the packaging is super cute but it did have a little dangling "COUTURE" charm which seems to have gone amiss. Sadly as you can see I'm running out of it :( Its a definite repurchase, but the dilemma is do i pay £50 for the £75ml price, or £10 for double the amount but a quite ghastly bottle...?

This scent is so fresh and a "spring day" kind of scent. It's not the most popular of Benefits perfumes- my other all time fave is Laugh With Me Lee Lee, but I ran out about 3 months ago and still haven't repurchased- which says something to me.
This I also had a full bottle of, all gone now and on to the mini handbag size I got in the Cresent row set, If you want to see a whole post on this set click here
This perfume makes me feel good and just lifts up my mood instantly- a quite casual day time perfume- wouldn't say it enticed the boys. The perfume that I think works best on the boys (cringy I know, but isn't that why we wear perfume?) is Britney Spears perfume- the pink one with the green dots. I'm not a great fan but I always get compliments.

3. Jack Wills Luxury Roller Ball scent- Poppy

Sorry about my strange hand position

This scent is sadly discontinued but I cant lie- I love it! Smells just like a good British smell- ya know?
Jack wills perfumes are soo amazing but they are quite aftershavey smelly so aren't really "boy magnets". Not gonna talk to long on this one as you can no longer buy it but I still have two stocked up.

Lucky enough English Velvet is so similar! -NB: they've changed the packaging to transparent bottle, also you can purchase this in perfume form which I'm sure i will as this is running out.

Basically try it out

There are so many things I love about you
1. The scent
2. The adorable packaging
3. The facts thats its not tones of perfume its like a little bottle- I'm not sure why this doesnt annoy me.
4. Not ridiculously expensive

The perfume is quite sweet but with musky vanilla and coconut undertones. Its quite tropical coconutty which I love! (these are my explanations I'm not sure of the actual ingredients) Quite hard to get now- a few years ago they were everywhere

6. Victorias Secret PINK warm and cozy

Ahhhh I love this smell! More of an autumnal kind a scent but in England it basically is Autumn all year round -_-. As it says a really warm scent that smells like being round a campfire toasting marsh mellows. 

On the back it tells us to "Cozy up in Toasted Vanilla and Peony"
I quite often use perfumes as room sprays- this one is the best but I still prefer it as a perfume

75ml: £7
150ml: £15

My ultimate favourite changes with different times of the year
winter- Jack wills English Velvet
Spring- Garden of Good and Eva
Summer- Viva la Juicy La Fleur
Autumn- PINK warm & Cozy

Overall I've gotta say Viva La Juicy La Fleur. It just works for me 


All pictures mine taken with Canon 550d
Nails: Mua Pistachio Ice-cream (ONLY £1 AT SUPER DRUG)

Post to hopefully come:
-Viva la Juicy La Fleur review
-Mua Nail Varnish review
-Aussie Miracle moist shampoo and 3 minute miracle reviews
-Maybelline dream touch cream blush review

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