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Friday, 1 March 2013

Vaseline review


So, Vaseline is pretty well known, basically the entire population of the U.K must have owned at least one pot/tin. So being yourselves you must have bought a tin or two, so you know what I'm talking about.

Vaseline is mostly criticised because its not "natural" and has "too many chemicals" or is "too expensive compared to lip balm" but honestly  I LOVE IT. (mainly as lip balm) I've always been a massive fan but haven't really ever experimented with all the different flavours I did once have a crème brûlée flavoured one which I basically ate off my lips whenever I applied it.  SO when I was in Primark and saw this beautiful looking Vaseline tin, I picked it up and got in the half way along the mile-long queue with my bundle of lovely cheap clothing and accessories. Then whilst in boots i just had to pick up the Pink Bubbly!! I thought I'd do a little show and tell :D Please not the Pink Bubbly Vaseline is limited edition and does not come in the Primark Vaseline tin/ trio, i just put it in for fun.....

This is the Crème Brûlée Vaseline 
-Not my picture-

So here are a few photos, The last two photos feature my favourite out of the four. I think that vaseline leaves a really nice silky feeling to the lips. They leave a nice smooth sheen and no product gathering in patches or in corners of the mouth. My favourite is the Vaseline Pink Bubbly as I love the smell (sort of the classic vaseline smell with a hint of lemonade and a spark of champagne), aloe vera is a very close second. I use them mainly for lip balm, but the original lip therapy I sometime put on my cuticles when they are dry/ rough before I got to bed (they become much smoother in the morning- but sometimes a bit greasy)
Highly recommend Vaseline- but I'm pretty sure you have all tried it before 

Miss Teehee

All pictures my own apart from photo of Vaseline Crème brûlée

Taken with Canon 550d

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