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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Favourite Victoria's Secret scent.

Hi xx

My favourite part of Victorias Secret is definitely the Perfume/makeup section. All there perfumes and body sprays are amazing!!! So, I thought I'd show you what my favourite one is.

My Favourite is Secret Charm

And it's amazing.

As you can see here, I own the perfume (which I either keep in my school bag or hand bag), the body spray and the body butter. My favourite out of these three products is definitely the body butter as it is so soft and creamy, and the smell stays on all day. I feel with the body spray you have to re-aply in the later hours of the day (thats what the handbag-sized perfume is for). I have already gone through two of the perfume (I'm on my third!!!) and I'm on my second of the body spray. If I'm right I believe the hand-bag perfumes are £10 for 30 ml and the Body spray is £11 for 250ml. The body butter I'm not certain of the price but its probably around the £11-15 mark, for 185g (additional note- a little goes a long way). They just all smell sooooooo good.

                                                                 MissTeeHee x

All pictures my own- apart from VS logo- taken with Canon 550d.

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