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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Maybelline 'The Eraser' Instant Age Rewind Concealer review

Plus a comparison to the Maybelline Fit me

So this is 'The eraser'. It has been out in an america for ages, but only recently have I seen it in shops in England, I actually got mine from a 24h Tescos that has quite a nice beauty aisle.

Fist thing that impressed me on this, I love the packaging, the sponge I'm not the biggest fan of, but the overall thing is darn cute.

It took ages and lots of twisting before any products actually started to come out, I thought mine was broken at first and rummaged out the receipt, until one last go produced an orange sponge, that will forever now be orange.

I have the colour light, at first I though it was quite orangey/yellow than pink for under the eyes, and it is compared to my Maybelline Fit me.

Also- on my hand it really oxidises to become orange, but somehow it isn't that noticeable on.

Fit me VS The Eraser

The Eraser Shade Light (lightest shade)

Fit me Shade no.15 fair (second to lightest shade)

 (Left,Right: The eraser, Fit me)
Splodged on
  (Left,Right: The eraser, Fit me)
 (Left,Right: The eraser, Fit me)
Blended in.

Because of the different colours I would say the
  Fit me is better for Under eyes
The Eraser feels Lighter
Fit me blends easier.
I prefer the Fit Me Packaging.
The Eraser has higher coverage

But people have different opinions, and colour wise if you have yellow under tones the Eraser would be better, I have a pink undertone so therefor Fit me suits me better

As for the sponge applicator, I think that is a let down, but I can cope with it.
Reasons why I don't like it:

1. It feels unhygienic, although is apparently 'anti microbial' but it doesn't say that anywhere on the packaging?

2. When you twist the concealer, the amount of product looks like it goes down a lot, but hardly any product comes out, thats because it all gets stuck in the sponge, and if you squeeze the sponge it all come running out and you end up with too much--> A waste of product really.

I do feel this product erases dark circles and it brightens without looking oily, shiny or wet, it just looks natural.

Colour Comparison to my foundation.

"Your concealer should be at least 2 shades lighter than your foundation"

This is wear my problem lies with this concealer, its too dark for me.
I am shade 51 Light vanilla in the bourjois healthy mix, the lightest colour
The lightest shade in 'The Eraser" is practically half a shade lighter, but more pink toned and less easy to blend
Left The Eraser, Right healthy mix foundation.

The Eraser: £8
Fit me: £6

All in All, its a good concealer, the sponge lets it down as it waste product, I personally prefer the maybelline fit me, but that due to my skin tone. The Maybelline fit me also has a much better colour range: Light, Fair, Sand, Medium, Cafe, Deep. Whilst i have only seen 3 colours of the eraser: light, medium, dark

MissTeeHee xx

Thanks for reading

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